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  • FANTASTIC DRIVING SCHOOL! Signed my 18 yr. old daughter up for on the road driving lessons and was quite impressed by the instructor's professionalism and driver teaching skills. I sat in the back seat as he guided her thru a very well planned route which she completed with satisfaction, thanks to his instructions and guidance! A co-worker recommended them to me. They have a good website too at
    By Matt, July 27, 2020
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    I had my wedding reception at the Northbank Center. The hall was beautiful and the staff was mostly great. There was one major exception. The hall caterer was terrible. He refused to honor his posted prices or change the online menu to alert future customers. As of this posting the online menu is still wrong more than 6 months after my wedding and over a year from when I told him it wasn't up to date. He both raised the prices on the dish I wanted by about 20% and charged me an 18% serving fee on a buffet meal (and the linens and china rentals!). The menu, still, clearly states "the following menus are prepared as a buffet meal. An 18% service charge will be added to all served meals". His reasoning was that he "put an emphasis" on weddings. When pressed he couldn't tell me how he treats a wedding any differently than a conference. If I chose not to go with him and just wanted the hall I'd have to pay a 15% surcharge (clearly stated upfront and more than ok) and the caterer would refuse to rent to me any tableclothes or china. Left a bitter taste in my mouth.
    By A Google User, March 11, 2018
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    I live in cross creek condominiums I called advantage to report that the plowers didn't shelve the snow on the street in the circle where I live. I spoke to GREG DAVIS he was rude, he was yelling at me, speaking to me as if I was a child, as if I didn't know what I was talking about. I allowed my mother and my other family members listen to him yelling at me. I'm a customer and I pay my association fees on time every month. Shelving of the driveways and streets is part of the fees being paid through association fees. I was treated extremely rude GREG DAVIS actually hung up the phone on me. I was so disrespected as a customer. Our condo area was shelved late in the afternoon. It's sad that there are so many elderly people living out here and they had to shelve their own driveways. I did call advantage back and spoke to Anna she was very nice and listened to my concerns. Anna made sure the snow plowers came back out and completed the job. I did email pictures to Anna to show her what I was talking about. Thank you Anna for resolving this concern. I also spoke to Kevin who is on the association board he handles the snow removal and plowers. He was very nice and listened to my concerns he was very proactive also with getting the street plowed.
    By april montgomery, March 02, 2018
  • Gerkin & Decker did a very nice job completing my divorce after being legally separated for over six years. There were a few tough items to get ironed out and in the end both parties were satisfied.
    By Mike Otis, February 05, 2018

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